Strengths of Dyslexia

For a very long time, dyslexia was known primarily as a weakness and a burden. Namely, poor reading, writing and spelling ability despite being of average to above-average intelligence.

But over time, the world is starting to catch up on the talents of Dyslexia. Here are some advantages/strengths to dyslexia:

1. Good problem solving skills

Dyslexics are great at coming up with solutions to complicated problems. They think differently from other people, which permits them to see things that others don’t.

2. Very creative

Dyslexics are super creative because their brain is built differently. It is no coincidence, that some of the greatest artists of all time are dyslexic such as; Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollack and many more. But there also are a lot of famous dyslexic musicians like Mozart and Beethoven. But dyslexic creativity does not end there because there are many other creative fields that dyslexics dominate in.

3. Observant

Dyslexics can also be very observant. They can notice little details that others wouldn’t think about

4. Fantastic big-picture thinkers

Dyslexics might struggle in the reading department, but when it comes to seeing the big picture of things, they are pros.

5. Good at making connections

Dyslexics are excellent at making connections or finding patterns between things. That is why dyslexic people usually have a easier time at solving puzzles than non dyslexic people.

6. High levels of empathy

Every dyslexic knows what it feels like to be an outsider or to be different from everybody else. Because every dyslexic person has been there before, they are often more understanding and empathetic to other people who are struggling.

7. Strong narrative reasoning

Dyslexics often have superb vocab and extraordinary speaking skills. I for instance have a really easy time having complex discussions with people, however when it comes to writing essays I have a much harder time expressing myself and I often feel quite limited. However I quickly realised that I really like to talk and have discovered my love for debating.

8. Three dimensional/spacial thinking

When you give an Dyslexic person a blueprint of a house, they will often be able to visualise exactly what the entire house will look like. They also often have the ability to remember certain spaces very well and will be able to tell you precisely where what is located without looking at it.

9. Better understanding of complex systems

Dyslexics often struggle with thing which others perceive as easy such as reading or writing. However when it comes down to more complex or abstract thinking, dyslexics thrive. For instance dyslexics make great philosophers because they have an easier time understanding intangible concepts than other people.

Poster on Dyslexic strengths

To visualise the strengths of Dyslexia, I have included a poster from the Dyslexia Advantage at

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