My Podcast

In order to spread more awareness, I decided to creat a Podcast. In order to make to Podcast more conversational, I asked two friends of mine (Alma and Nathaniel) to come join me. Every week, we come together to record a Podcast episode and talk about topics that relate to dyslexia. It is super interesting for me as a dyslexic person, to see the perspective of non-dyslexic people and the same vice versa. This podcast is filled with interesting conversations and I highly encourage you to give it a listen.

Season 2 can be found on: Spotify & The Anchor App

Here are some episodes:

  1. Introduction to dyslexia Demystified
This is the first episode that I published. In this episode I am joined by Alma. We start by introducing ourselves a bit and then we continue by talking about dyslexia and our thoughts and opinions on it.

2. FAQ

In this episode I am joined again by Alma. We researched common questions and misconceptions about dyslexia on the internet and then answered them together from a dyslexic and non dyslexic point of view.

3. Celebrities with Dyslexia

In this episode I am joined by Alma and Nathaniel. We made a list of the most famous dyslexic people and then proceeded to discuss how dyslexia might have actually helped their careers .

These are just a few of the podcasts that we have posted.

To find more episodes feel free to check out our podcast on Spotify:

You can also view clips of the podcast episodes on my Instagram page @dyslexia_demystified_today

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