Apps that I highly recommend

Here are some apps that I use on the regular

1) Forest – For enhanced concentration

For better concentration, I highly encourage the App “Forest” ( which makes you put your phone aside while working.

2) MyHomework – For better planning

A online planning App that I highly recommend is “MyHomework” ( which lets you plan your week digitally. I have this app on my phone and IPad, so I can always access my to do lists everywhere I go.

Here is how I manage my schoolwork

3) Notability – for taking pretty notes

The notes that I get sent, I download on my IPad in a App called “Notability” ( which lets me edit and highlight the pictures.

4) Quizlet – For using Flashcards efficiently

Flashcards are amazing for me. I quickly realised that in order to memorise information most efficiently I need to use active recalling. For this I use an App called Quizlet ( which lets you scan your notes and make Flashcards out of them. I have flashcards for every Subjekt because that’s what works best for me because I get to constantly test myself efficiently.

5) Khan Academy App – For studying Math and Science

Khan academy is a life saver for me. When I don’t understand a concept in class, I like to watch khan academy videos. I especially recommend downloading the app to access more information.